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We are a private institution , founded in 1995, with the main objective treatment and subsequent recovery of individuals affected by the disease of addiction.

The RAN lies legalized by the Ministry of Health through the SPTT ( Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction Service ) , with the operating license No. 6 awarded in 1996 , which makes us one of the first units to be licensed in Portugal.

The RAN is located in an environment appropriate treatment to each user, fulfilling criteria of quality and professionalism , as well as confidentiality and anonymity. RAN provides for the realization of all these factors.

The therapeutic models used for the treatment of Addiction and other mental health disorders are scientifically proven and are shown to have better results over time.

In addiction to a rigorous initial anamnesis to collect information (clinical, family, school , professional and social networks) , we turn to Psychometric evaluation with clinical scales measured for the Portuguese population , with the aim of measuring the mental health indices of users.

Post- Hospitalization phase provides monitoring over the next 6 months in a clinical system, as well as weekly attendance in the days of Experiences and after- cares for sharing experiences and difficulties in adapting to a new way of life.



To emphasize the importance these days the presence of former residents of the clinic, who through their experience can be a good link to the recovery of users who are at an early stage of Post- Internamento.

At any stage of treatment for users in the RAN , families are increasingly taking an active role . Thus, the RAN provides for a systemic monitoring the family to assess and intervene in family conflicts and preventing the development of new crises.

Therefore , it is relevant to the understanding of family functioning when one of its members is an addict in order to view any conflicts or disruption hidden by the same.


This is a chronic, progressive and fatal if not held in due time , but treatable , affecting the individual at all levels of the biopsychosocial functioning , weakening the physical, psychological , emotional and spiritual , and also as peculiar characteristic affect family as a whole.

The initial pleasure ends up transformed by emotional pain. They appear as disorders in physical , emotional , social, intellectual , professional and academic areas , associated with feelings of guilt, shame , anger, fear and regret , and the dwindling pleasure and suffering increasing.

Member / Associate:

  • AATP -European Association of Addictions Treatment Providers
  • ANCT – Associação Nacional de Centros de Tratamento
  • SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Alcoologia
  • APPMM – Associação Portuguesa de Promoção do Modelo Minnesota