Home - High tolerance . There are no major physical or emotional consequences. Relationships with family, friends , work or school is not affected . However consumption even reduced already leads the individual to an illusory sense of pleasure.

Mid - Almost without realizing it begins to increase the consumption of alcohol or other drugs to get the desired initial effect . If the person abruptly stops the consumption of alcohol or other drugs inevitably feel physical and emotional suffering . It's called " withdrawal syndrome " . At this stage the disease is already characterized as such , and as much as the individual wants to control consumption or stop consuming , physical and emotional suffering caused by abstinence is so much that makes that commitment is almost impossible to maintain. Need technical / professional help to do so.

Final - is the phase of isolation. The individual is isolated from family, friends and co-workers to be able to drink or use drugs. Usually leaves the responsibilities , fails to advance professionally , getting to lose his job and have police problems. Their losses are significant. Sit angry, unnerved , has aggressive attitudes , it ceases to feel pleasure and joy. It is always depressed and just feel suffering. If the disease is not stopped, it is likely to die early.

The chemical or emotional dependency is a disease characterized by strong denial. Despite being full of problems in all or most areas of their life, the addict denies having a problem and hardly accepts help.

Through therapeutic intervention techniques can break that denial , leading the addict and the family to seek professional help for the purpose of this treat and get into recovery , making it a useful and productive citizen of society, through abstinence consumption of substance and change of lifestyle. This work is done with technical help of a multidisciplinary team trained in the United States and Portugal , composed among others by 1 MEDICAL PSYCHIATRIST , 1 GP , 1 TEAM OF NURSING 3 TECHNICAL ADVICE , 3 MONITORS AND 1 NUTRITIONIST.