Pathological gambling is a psychiatric disorder also called compulsive gambling, ranked among the disorders of Pulses.

The result of the commercial exploitation of gambling and the expression of pathological gambling has increased in population.

From a medical point of view to establish itself as a dependency without psychoactive substance, pathological gambling is presented in their patients with psychopathological features of great similarity with all dependencies, so the self type of intervention model helps appears to be a broad spectrum tool for the treatment and recovery of such patients.

Mourning is a process of preparation and resolution of a loss for which all pass at some point in life, with greater or lesser success. It can be a process of regulatory evolution, and may also evolve in a pathological way.

When it runs through all the steps, it can be said that there is a certain maturity and improvement of the character and personality of the individual, but the difficulties can mean and result in medical and / or psychiatric complications.

The steps according to Kubler Ross: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. They are essentially a reference to the psychotherapeutic work.

The mutual aid and self-help are a means of high efficiency co intervention aimed at supporting this and other problems such as the problems of dependence on alcohol or drugs, eating disorders, etc..